This 11 year-old Aussie singer and actress is definitely one to watch!

Fast Facts!
FULL NAME: Jordyn Jessica Yarker
BIRTHDAY: 4th February 2001
SIBLINGS: 15 year old sister, Erinn
PETS: Ranger the dog
FAVE FOOD: Chocolate
FAVE ANIMAL : Wolf and Snow Leopard
How did you get your big break?
I was asked to perform at a charity benefit concert on the Gold Coast and an EMI Music Manager saw me perform and invited me to go to the USA.
When did you write your first song?
I was eight when I wrote my first song. It was for a TV pilot we did as a family and I was a little girl who could turn into a fairy.
What film clip has been your fave to shoot?
The Middle which was shot in Nashville, it tells a story about taking each day and making it last.
You’ve recently been on tour in the USA what was the highlight?
Going to New York for the first time and performing at the Nascar Truck Series in Newton, Iowa.
You’re friends with Cody Simpson, what advice has he given you?
He said that it is a lot of hard work and a big commitment but to have fun.
Do you get nervous before a show?
I always get nervous before I go on stage. It’s quite scary thinking that you’re going to be singing in front of all these people, and want to give them the best performance. I pace a little and then cuddle my mum.
What advice do you have for other girls who want to be a performer?
You never fail until you stop trying, and work hard. Believe in yourself and never give up, ask for help and surround yourself with positive, supportive people. We all have talent, some of us just find it earlier than others. Enjoy, laugh don’t take it too seriously.
You act as well, what have you got coming up that we can see you in? 
I have recently just finished auditioning with some of Hollywood’s biggest TV and film producers in Los Angeles for some lead roles that I am super excited about.