She’s being groomed as Australia’s next “Little Big Thing”.

At 12, Gold Coast girl Jordyn Yarker has her own Los Angeles-based agent and a record deal with the producers of Eminem and Bruno Mars.

She has also been short-listed for a role in a big-screen adaptation of the musical Annie, starring Cameron Diaz.

Jordyn has toured the US, performing in front of tens of thousands of people, and just released her seventh song, recorded by LA producer Chief Wakil, who has worked with Rihanna.

She is about to move to America with her parents to try and crack the big time. So determined is she to be an acting-singing star that she has left school and does home studies.

“I miss hanging out with my friends but home schooling is pretty cool because I can sit around in my pyjamas all day.” she said. “I have a couple of really good friends I know will be with me through my whole journey. Some of them are in my new video clip, which was lots of fun.”

Jordyn, who started home-recording songs at the age of seven, has been touted as the next Miley Cyrus, who made her name in Hannah Montana.

Jordyn’s parents-managers, Cameron and Lisa, have held talks with Disney and Nickelodeon and she has been cast in a new vampire movie called Piccaddilly. “I probably prefer acting but I also want to become a successful singer,” she said.

Mr Yarker said he and his wife did not push Jordyn.

“She has the talent, confidence and work ethic, and a lot of top people in the US believe in her, but in the end it’s her dream,” he said.

Jordyn’s new music video, Ayo Rock Star, will have a Hollywood-style premiere at the Arts Centre Gold Coast on July 24 before she leaves for the US.